Story of a Banyan Tree:  The video retracing the spiritual and religious history of Pakistan over the last 9000 years.  It is critical for Pakistanis to reconnect with and safeguard this heritage that has a cure for the surface religiosity that ails the society today.  Many people commented on how the diversity that the video shows and points to was an eye-opener for them. 

ایک برگد کی کہانی : پاکستان کا  ٩٠٠٠ سال پرانا روحانی ورثہ -  یہ وہ رشتہ ہے جو آج ہمیں موت کے منہ سے واپس لا سکتا ہے

The Hidden Face of Pakistan:  This video predates ‘The Story of a Banyan Tree’ and was my solo attempt to capture the thousands of years of spiritual heritage of Pakistan.  It therefore has some overlaps but has some additional material as well.  And has a different feel to it.

All about Sufism and its relevance to our everyday lives, today.

 About Spirituality, Activism and life in general.

A short piece, DUBBED IN URDU, where Yuval Noah Harari talks about different kinds of gods and the difference between religion and spirituality.

 مسلمان حملہ آوروں سے تعلق رکھنے کا نقصان

A critical revisioning of the Muslim history in the subcontinent and exploring the negative impacts of connecting our identity to those who invaded the subcontinent in history.   (IN URDU)

Interviewed by a psychologist, Yasir Masood Afaq, on living life intensely

A simple introduction to Buddhist Mindfulness meditation.  It is designed to guide you through an initial session of meditation.

Taking Stock of Your Life:  There are many aspects of one’s being and one’s life.  It is very easy to lose track of whether we are ignoring certain key aspects of our lives.  And yet the gaps show up in our general feelings of satisfaction and meaning in life.  This exercise allows you to take stock and keep track of where you are in various aspects of your life.  This is also the ground work for doing any spiritual work in life.